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Programme Structure

Trend Micro’s Partner Program recognises each partner’s unique capabilities and includes benefits and requirement consistent with their commitment to selling and supporting Trend Micro solutions.

  Custom programme and benefits for our top performing partners 
Our Platinum Partners realise the greatest financial, technical, sales, and marketing benefits of all partner levels. They must meet the highest set of requirements, including significant minimum annual revenue commitments. Platinum Partnership is by invitation only.

  More revenue, discounts, and benefits
For partners that are committed to working with Trend Micro and delivering significant Trend Micro revenue, the Gold Partner level offers benefits to meet your needs. Gold Partners enjoy higher margins and discounts than Silver Partners. Of course, they must attain more significant annual revenue commitments. They are also required to lead with Trend Micro when selling security solutions. Gold Partners have the benefit of working directly with Trend Micro partner managers to develop joint business plans, and we dedicate additional resources to help them succeed.

  Annual revenue commitments and enhanced benefits
Silver Partners must meet a minimum annual revenue commitment. Benefits at this level include those made available to Bronze Partners, plus enhanced discounts, access to evaluation software, and priority access to Level 1 support. Being a Silver Partner opens new doors for you, your team, and your business.

  Simple registration: Start earning discounts and realising benefits
Entry-level Bronze Partners must complete and submit the online registration form to begin realising programme benefits. Also, certification and training enables Bronze Partners to achieve specialisation status, promotion on our Partner Locator and access to additional sales incentives.




Specialisations are an integral part of the Trend Micro Partner Program for resellers, and recognise your expertise and knowledge in key market segments and core solution areas. Specialisation, which is earned by meeting a combination of training and certification requirements, allows you to:
  • Further align your expertise with customer needs
  • Differentiate your business
  • Accelerate and maximise revenues and profitability
  • Gain access to additional financial, marketing, and sales incentives

You are encouraged to earn as many specialisations as your business and resources can support.

* Enquire about availability in your region.

Why Partner with Trend Micro?

Since day one, Trend Micro has been 100% committed to the success of our channel partners. With virtually all Trend Micro sales to businesses going through our channel partners, we generate a massive volume of new and renewal transactions every year that are fulfilled by resellers. Our global team of sales and channel account managers works closely with resellers and helps drive new business by actively identifying and qualifying sales opportunities that our partners ultimately fulfil.

Trend Micro delivers market-leading security solutions that address three important and expanding business opportunities for resellers.
Complete User Protection: Consumerisation is driving a big change in security focus—from devices to users. As users leverage cloud and mobility solutions to collaborate, organisations will need greater visibility and control of their activities. This $8 billion (USD) total market is predicted to grow at 6.6% in 20141. Trend Micro Complete User Protection secures all users’ activity—any application, any device, anywhere.
Text Box: Insert AV Test (Approved Corp Endpoint Protection Logo) 
Trend Micro is #1 overall in protection, performance and usability
AV-Test.org, April, 2014
Text Box: Insert #1 AWARD Canalys Logo 
“Trend Micro is #1 in Global Content Security for Small Business - 3 years running”
Canalys – 2013 Small Business Segment Content Security
Market Trends, March 2014

Cloud and Data Center Security: In an effort to reduce expenses, increase business agility and better respond to changing business needs, most organisations are using or planning to use the cloud. It is projected that 90% of large enterprises and government agencies will use the cloud by 20152, and 71% of workloads will be virtualized by 20163. Trend Micro provides dynamic, adaptive protection for data center and cloud environments.

  Text Box: Insert #1 AWARD Logo
Trend Micro is the corporate endpoint server security market share leader with 31% global share. IDC, Worldwide Endpoint Security 2013-1017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares, August 2013

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“Trend Micro, with its Deep Security and SecureCloud products, sets the current benchmark for the competition.”  Experton Group, Cloud Vendor Benchmark, May 2013

Custom Defense: Security analysts and experts are increasingly recommending that enterprises redefine their security due diligence to embrace specialised threat detection technology, as well as a proactive process of real-time threat management. According to 63% of security professionals, it is only a matter of time until their enterprise is targeted4. Trend Micro integrates cyber security software, global threat intelligence, and specialised tools and services to provide organisations with custom insight about the specific threats.
Top score in breach detection, with zero false positives, and low TCO.2014 NSS Labs Breach Detection Tests
1 - IDC Worldwide Endpoint Security 2013-2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares, August 2013
2 - Forrester Study, 2013
3 - Gartner, Forecast Analysis: Data Center, May 2012
4 - ISACA APT Awareness Study, 2013

Our market-leading solutions are powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, which provides all customers— regardless of size or location—with comprehensive, proactive global threat intelligence and protection. This contributes to high customer satisfaction, which in turn generates ongoing renewal revenue and new upsell opportunities for Trend Micro’s complementary solutions of Complete User Protection, Cloud and Data Center Security, and Custom Defense.

Trend Micro security solutions provide a valuable and complementary attachment to the sale of a number of different services and other solutions that are already being made by resellers. They can substantially enhance your overall deal size. There are four key bundling opportunities resellers like you can focus on:
Virtualisation & Cloud: Because security is a key customer consideration, it is an important and valuable complement to sales of virtualisation and cloud from VMware, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Citrix and others. Trend Micro Deep Security is designed to seamlessly add security to deployments on these technology providers. It makes it fast and easy to secure VMs and cloud instances, and enables customers to meet their security and compliance requirements, while taking full advantage of the agility, savings and other benefits offered by virtualisation and cloud.
Converged/Integrated Infrastructure: Every sale of a converged or integrated infrastructure bundle from Cisco, EMC, IBM, NetApp, VCE or others, provides an immediate and direct opportunity to attach Trend Micro Deep Security as a layer in the stack that will significantly increase the size of the overall sale, and the value provided to customers. Trend Micro Deep Security has been validated to seamlessly operate in many of these infrastructure bundles, delivers important complementary security functionality, and also provides an opportunity to upsell other Trend Micro security solutions to these customers.
Complementary Security Solutions: Sales of network security appliances, SIEM/SEM and compliance consoles also provide an immediate and direct opportunity for attaching Trend Micro Deep Security and Deep Discovery that will significantly increase the size of the overall sale, and the value provided to customers. These Trend Micro solutions integrate with and complement other security solutions, enabling customers to more quickly, confidently and cost effectively identify and protect against threats and attacks that would otherwise go undetected and potentially have a significant negative business impact.
Microsoft Solutions: Increase the size of each of your Microsoft sales, and protect your customers better with Trend Micro Complete User Protection. Complete User Protection has been proven time and again by third parties to bring the strongest security available to all endpoints. It augments the basic security delivered in applications for Microsoft including SharePoint®, Exchange, Lync® and Office 365™. This will give your customers the comfort of being better protected from the rapidly evolving threat landscape, and you will benefit from greater customer satisfaction and retention, all while increasing your average deal size.

The Trend Micro Partner Program for resellers provides a comprehensive set of financial benefits—including competitive upfront discounts, deal registration discounts, deal protection, specialisation bonuses, incentive programmes, and marketing development funds—that ensure your profits will grow quickly. Together with a broad range of sales, marketing, and technical benefits, the Trend Micro Partner Program for resellers ensures you will be properly enabled, motivated, and well compensated for selling our solutions.

Partner Program Benefits

General Benefits








Welcome Kit




Annual Kit Update




Partner Portal Access








Trend Micro Logo Usage




Partner Satisfaction Surveys




Partner Locator - Trend Micro Website

Requires Specialisation





Sales & Marketing Benefits












Dedicated Sales Resource




Online Sales Tools & Collateral




Online Events, Webinars




Sales Leads

Requires Specialisation




Campaigns and Promotions




Partner Hotline




Not-For-Resale & Demo Software




MSRP Price Lists




MSP Program Eligibility




Access to Competitive Information




On-Demand Marketing Campaigns*





Pre-Release Software (Under NDA)





Customer Reference Submission





Quarterly Marketing Activities






Executive Connect






Support for Partner Events






Advisory Council Access





By invitation


By invitation

Global Partner Summit





By invitation



Financial Benefits








Deal Registration Discount

Requires Specialisation




Upfront Discounts




Renewal Discounts




Special Pricing Agreements Available




Internal Use Software Discounts




Support / Training Discounts




Incentive Programmes





Marketing Development Fund Eligibility






Deal Protection*














Technical Benefits








Pre-Sales Support




Support Portal & Knowledge Base




Technical Newsletter




Certification and Training




Dedicated SMB Support




Customer Evaluation Software





Beta Participation and Software





Dedicated Enterprise Support






Partner Online Case Management






Custom Technical Training







* Phased roll out. Please check with your region on availability.

Trend Micro, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify and/or change the benefits and requirements associated with each partner level and specialisation category without prior notice.

In order to achieve a particular status, certain requirements must be met by your organisation. The matrix below gives a high-end view of what is needed for each tier:









Primary Business is Technology




By Invitation

Existing Distribution Relationship




Registration and Acceptance




Business Plan / Agreement





Security Practice or Experience




Annual Revenue Commitment




Training & Certification




Lead with Trend Micro Solutions





Quarterly & Annual Business Review